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Fuck Joyce manor, I'm stage diving off of Greg's face


I don’t get what everyone’s problem is with this. Joyce Manor mentioned on this tour alone multiple people have gotten seriously hurt at their shows. Is it not reasonable to ask people to respect one another? Are you a level of moron where you can’t consider the well being of other people around you?


POZ Download: Dog Knights Productions / FITA Records Sampler



PropertyOfZack is very happy to be hosting a brand new sampler between Dog Knights Productions and Fist In The Air Records label sampler. The 20 song comp features new and exclusive songs from artists like Old Gray, Sorority Noise, Moose Blood, and many more. Artwork was done by Lew Currie. Check out the full sampler and more details below!

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FITA and Dog Knights are hands down the two best British labels at the moment. Highly recommend this sampler.